Sound of Vision will design, implement and validate an original non-invasive hardware and software system to assist visually impaired people by creating and conveying an auditory representation of the surrounding environment. This representation will be created, updated and delivered to a blind person continuously and in real time. This system will help visually impaired people in any kind of environment (indoor/outdoor), without the need for predefined tags/sensors located in the surroundings.

The Sound of Vision project will create a wearable and affordable system that will allow visually impaired users to build a rich mental image of the environment and adapt to all real-life situations.
Repetitive steps process

The process of assisting visually impaired people proposed by Sound of Vision consists of a series of repetitive steps.

The first step uses hardware and software for generating a 3D representation of the surrounding environment. In the second step, objects are identified within the 3D model and the information is then transformed into 3D sound sources. In the last step, all the 3D sound sources are combined and played to the user, using specialized wearable hardware and algorithms.

Exceptional attention to training

Sound of Vision will give an exceptional attention to training.

The approach of Sound of Vision is a gradual, efficient, safe and cost-effective training based on virtual environments of gradual increasing complexity.

Serious games techniques will be used to ensure both the motivation and the immersion of the users, maximizing the effects of the training process.

Design and develop

The consortium has the necessary complementary competences to design and develop the proposed system, to test the prototype, establish training protocols, and also to commercialize the system as an intuitive and accessible final product. Very important, Sound of Vision will directly and participatively include the target group in the system development: to provide initial requirements, as co-designers and for extensive experimental testing and refining of the prototypes.

Visual sensory substitution systems

Sound of Vision is a concept that goes beyond the state of the art of the visual sensory substitution systems.

It has the potential to become an affordable commercial product that will actually help blind people. This system can have an impressive social impact, improving the lifestyle of blind people, and also of their caretakers, creating wellbeing, social inclusion and efficient, cost-effective healthcare.

Project partners
1. Háskóli Islands – University of Iceland, Iceland (coordinator)
2. University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania
3. Szechenyi Istvan University, Hungary
4. Fondazione Istituto Per L’interscambio Scientifico, Italy
5. Technical University of Iași, Romania
6. Icelandic National Institute For The Blind, Visually Impaired and Deafblind, Iceland
7. Info World, Romania
8. Lodz University of Technology, Poland
9. Fundacja Instytut Rozwoju Regionalnego, Poland